Allianz Health Insurance

Allianz International Malaysia Insurance Medical Card

Allianz Medical Insurance Medical Card

Allianz is a prominent international health insurance company set in Malaysia and numerous other countries globally. They offer an exhaustive list of coverage that provides you a happy and worry free life. Contact us and we’ll happily aid you in selecting the necessary insurance protection best suited for you. Our medical card offers a plethora of services that other provides do not offer. More so, the medical card from Allianz secures your entry into prestigious medical institutions. Our insurance plans grants full protection regardless of where you are in the world. An Allianz medical card give you the opportunity to receive treatment even with no money in your pockets and grants you immediate access into any health care provider in Malaysia and around the globe. These can be prestigious first class institutions or private/public hospital providing top notch services. One of the main worries when residing in a foreign country is how to obtain medical care for you and your family. With Allianz health care you’ll obtain the highest level of care no matter where you are in the world.


Allianz offers several health insurance plans that can be customized to fit your requirements, likings and budgetary restrictions, thus you only pay for the services you use. Our health care plans have numerous benefits including: hospitalization, family medication, prescribed treatments, oral medication, pregnancy, ophthalmological consultations and coverage for persisting medical conditions. With us, you’ll receive comprehensive protection around the world so you won’t have to worry on medical care but instead focus on the things in life that truly matters.

Allianz provides every customer with all-inclusive international health coverage with 24/7 customer service permitting you to make your claims with ease. All our plans comprise of medical and dental check- ups to ensure a healthy life. Our plans also cover emergency medical conditions and pregnancy. Certain plans also cover outpatient visits.

Allianz Health Plans

Allianz Heath insurance is great for expatriates or for company personnel. You can also seek coverage for your loved ones as well as your business. Allianz healthcare also has a reasonable leeway when it comes to accept new clients suffering from several persisting medical conditions. You can have an in-depth look into our plans and price ranges and the benefits associated with them through a quote from us.

As businesses are expanding and becoming more international, health care and their respective facilities becomes a vital commodity to have – to ensure that quality medical treatment can always easily be obtained. Allianz’s customer service is more than happy to provide you information and answers to all your questions.

Our excellent services also covers expatriates and individuals vacationing overseas for a prolonged period of time. The plans offered by Allianz include countless existing medical conditions and numerous benefits with minimal limitations.

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Allianz Insurance Advantages

Allianz takes the considerations of their customers very serious. Due to this, Allianz has built a reputation of being one of the most prominent in the field of insurance. The goal is to provide the same level of service to their global customers therefore they have thousands of employees globally conversing in various languages with clients to make sure that all the customer’s medical needs are taken care of internationally. They’re staff is so proficient that they have in-house doctors and managers working in partnership to provide exceptional care. They offer this level of customer service to all their clients ranging from individuals to corporate clients, providing customized services to meet all their clients’ needs. Allianz prides itself on establishing clear communications pathways as it continuously strives to be proactive in the market.

As stated before, Allianz service range from individuals to the corporate field. Whether you live abroad or just traveling, Allianz provides exceptional services that covers all layers of society.

The distinguishing features of Allianz include:

– Worldwide protection

-Market leader – It has vast experience in providing insurance with over 8 decades of experience, serving over 80 million global customers.

-Customized plans – Tailored solutions to obtain the required services providing you with ease of mind

-Swift claim settlements

– Customer service is provided in various languages.

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Advantages for Expatriates using Allianz Health Insurance

The life of an expatriate can be difficult. Especially since they have to change their environment. Especially for expatriates, choosing a product or service will always bring some doubt since they are not certain if they are making the correct decision. This is a phenomenon that Allianz is well aware of and therefore it forged multiple partnerships internationally that provide access to a plethora of

Health facilities. Their international customer service provides around the clock assistance. This team consists of professionals who are multi- lingual. With over 30.000 settled claims every week, it is safe to say that Allianz offers a swift process that settles the bills directly.