Allianz International Malaysia Insurance Medical Card

Allianz Medical Insurance Medical Card

Allianz is a world renown international health insurance provider within Malaysia as well as in other countries across the world. Possessing a comprehensive coverage under Allianz would ensure you freedom of mind to live a happy life. Get in touch with us to know how we can assist you to obtain the necessary insurance protection. The medical card grants you numerous health benefits when compared to other such services. Having a medical card from Allianz would provide you with entry to prestigious medical institutions. Allianz Health insurance plans confers comprehensive protection irrespective of your geographical location. Possessing a medical card would permit you to receive treatment without cash and would grant you hassle free entry into any health care provider in Malaysian and internationally also. These centres could be in the form of prestigious first class institutions or it could either a private/public hospital providing top notch services.


The single most troublesome factor when living outside of your home country is having to constantly think about obtaining medical care not just for you but also for your loved ones. Allianz Insurance would make sure that you obtain the highest possible care possible anywhere in the globe.

Health insurance plans from Allianz permits you to obtain customized plans as per your requirements, ensuring that you pay only for the services which you obtain and the price falls well within your budgetary restrictions. There are numerous benefits, providing health care services in the form of hospitalization, family medication, prescribed treatments, oral medication, pregnancy, ophthalmological consultations and coverage for persisting medical conditions. You will be conferred comprehensive protection throughout the world, ensuring you are in peace of mind to focus on the aspects of life which matters.

Allianz ensures every customer with a comprehensive international health coverage backed up by around the clock customer care services, permitting you to make your claims with ease. Each and every plan provided by Allianz is complimented with regular medical as well as dental check-ups. Ensuring that you will live a healthy life. Additionally you would be granted essential care in emergency medical conditions, pregnancy, outpatient visits depending upon the plan which you select for yourself.

Allianz Health Plans

Allianz Heath insurance is most appropriate for expatriates living abroad or for personnel.  But you can seek assistance to your loved ones also as well as your business. Allianz provides reasonable leeway with the limitations on accepting new clients with numerous persisting medical conditions. Get a quote from Allianz to obtain the medical care now and obtain an idea about the price ranges for the plans and the associated benefits.

Modern day business are expanding over international boundaries thereby becoming truly international and the facilities of health care which is available becomes vital- there arises problems such as the place to obtain quality treatment from and the manner in such to obtain it becomes frequently asked questions. Allianz Insurance is prepared to provide answers to all your queries with the assistance of our exceptional customer assistance service, they would be providing you with all the required information that you wish for.

Allianz provides excellent services to expatriates and individuals staying overseas for prolonged durations. The plans offered by Allianz are inclusive of numerous pre-existing medical conditions and are packed with benefits and minimal limitations.

You will be soon have peace of mind with the flexibility of Allianz, Obtain a quote today!

Allianz Insurance Advantages

Allianz considers the requirements of their customers in a proficient manner. This has ensured that Allianz  has risen to be a pioneer in the field of insurance. In order to cater to the various nationalities across the world, they have over thousand employee’s globally conversing in hundreds of languages. They make sure that they have the best personnel to take care of your medical needs internationally. The employee in-house managers and doctors who work in partnership to provide exceptional care. This is the result of possessing a proficient staff. They provide this level of customer service to individual as well as members of the cooperate sector, providing customized services to suit everyone’s requirements. Allianz is well aware of the importance of establishing clear lines of communication and is continuously attempting to be proactive in the market.

Allianz provides insurance services to individuals, expatriates and corporate sector. Irrespective of the fact that you live abroad or visit just for travel, you will be supported by the Allianz customer care services providing exceptional level of service. The distinguishing features of Allianz include,

-Protection globally

-Market leader – Being one of the most experienced insurance providers in the world with over 8 decades of experience, serving over 80 million global customers

-Customized plans – Tailored solutions to obtain the required services providing you with ease of mind

-Swift claim settlements

-Multi-linguistic assistance

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Advantages for Expatriates using Allianz Health Insurance

Living as an expatriate makes life difficult. The change of environment raises questions. This occurs when you are choosing a product or a service. There will always be a doubt whether you are making the correct decision. Allianz is well aware of this. This is the main reason why, Allianz has established multiple partnerships internationally providing access to large number of health facilities. Allianz international customer care service provides customer care around the clock. This assistance team is comprised of highly experienced professionals with the ability to speak in numerous languages. Allianz provides you the ability process claims swiftly. There is the service to settles the bills directly. Allianz settles over 30,000 claims every single week.

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