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Allianz insurance is a pioneer of global health insurance not just within Malaysia but across the world as well. When you are covered with a Allianz Health Insurance, there isn’t anything that you need to worry about and allows you to live your life freely. Contact us to know how Allianz Health Insurance protection can help you. The Medical Card provides you with an added benefit in comparison to the others. Possessing an Allianz health card permits you to gain access to numerous medical treatments. Allianz Health Insurance plans are comprehensive and provides protection irrespective of your location. Having the medical card, you can obtain cashless and trouble-free entry into any health care facility in Malaysia as well as internationally. These facilities could be highly sophisticated hospital or it could even be a private or public hospital offering premium services.

The main concerning factor when you live abroad, is that you are constantly worrying over medical care not just for you but also for your family. Allianz Insurance would ensure that you receive the best possible care wherever you are in the world.

Allianz provides all its customers with a comprehensive global health protection supported with a 24/7 customer assistance service providing you the opportunity to state your claims with ease. All of the plans offered by Allianz are supplemented with the service of frequent medical and dental consultations. Hence, you would remain healthy throughout. Apart from this, you would also receive services of essential protection in the case of emergency medical assistance, pregnancy, outpatient consultations depending upon the package which you choose.

Allianz Health Plans

Allianz Health Insurance is suited best for expatriates or individuals. But you can also request protection for your family members and your organization (small to medium scale). Allianz is flexible with the restriction and takes on clients with wide variety of underlying medical conditions. Obtain a quote to get a Allianz medical card today and know the pricing of the plans with their benefits.

Most of the businesses are becoming much more international and hence the provisions for health care should be looked at- when and how to obtain treatment becomes frequently asked. Allianz Insurance is prepared to respond to all your queries with our exceptional customer care service, through this you can get to know all the information which you require.

Allianz is well suited for expatriates or personnel living abroad from long periods of time. These plans provides protection to customers with pre-existing conditions and provides added services and with very minimal restrictions.

Obtain a quote today, to live freely with peace of mind.

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