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Allianz Insurance is another leading supplier of global health insurance products in Malaysia and worldwide. With the Allianz Health Insurance coverage, you can finally worry less while carrying on with your live. Find out from us what an Allianz Health Insurance cover could do for you. Having the Medical Card puts you at advantage over others. With the Alliaz medical card, you could have access to a wide variety of medical treatments. Not only are the Allianz Health Insurance plans comprehensive, but the scheme could also cover you where ever you are worldwide. With the medical card, you could gain cashless and hassle-free admission to various health facilities across Malaysia and the globe, be it a high-range of public, private or private firs class facilities.

There are some obstacles faced when you are living overseas, the worry of medical care for yourself and your family. Where ever you are, or your family, Allianz Insurance will always ensure that the best medical care is accessible for you.

Allianz provides global health protection services with 24/7 customer services and facilities for you to process your claims with ease. All plans comes with benefits for your regular medical checks and dental benefits. This way, you can keep fit throughout. Other than that, you gain access to essential protection for emergency treatments, pregnancy, day consultations depending on the level of cover you choose.

Allianz Health Plans

Allianz Health Insurance could suit you well if you are an individual or expatriates, or you could acquire the protection for you family or your company (small to medium size company). Allianz provide generous limitations and accepts clients with a large variation of underlying conditions. Get a quote for an Allianz medical card today and find out the rates and gain understanding of the different plans and options.

Allianz is another excellent product for expatriates or individuals who lives outside their home for a long period. Their plans also cover a wide range of pre-exisitng conditions and with generous benefits and little limitations.

With the flexibility of Allianz, you will gain the peace of mind you deserve. Request a quote today!

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