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Aetna International Malaysia


Introducing Aetna International in Malaysia. Aetna International is another premier provider of international health insurance that is catered for expats, individuals and families who also wish to be protected where ever they are globally. We are here to help you understand more about a health insurance coverage that best suit your needs.

Aetna Benefits

Aetna have a aim to simplify health insurance while allowing all corners of the medical administration to be left transparent. With this comes efficient claims, guiding on next move, knowing the cost of medical bills before undertaking, etc. However, you will be financially protected against the cost.


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If you purchase at Aetna cover, from us in Malaysia, the cover will be underwritten locally. Just recently, Aetna Global bought over InterGlobal and now InterGlobal is known as Aetna.

Malaysia have a generally well-rated medical care system, especially in their capital city, Kuala Lumpur. However, good healthcare comes with disadvantages; the mounting medical bills. Therefore, it is important to be covered by a comprehensive health insurance policy like the ones from Aetna. Get a quote today and gain the peace of mind knowing you are well-protected with a comprehensive health cover with authentic benefits.

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