International Health Insurance

We have a proud history dating back 40 years and is a pioneer in the field of health insurance within Malaysia, providing customers with comprehensive insurance coverage from world renowned institutions such as Aetna from the US and Allianz International based in Germany. We have policies, which share great similarities with Bupa International, another prestigious insurance provider with over 30 years of experience in the fields of expatriate health insurance and health insurance for both families and individuals across the world serving over a million customers globally. Our insurance partners provide the most comprehensive insurance packages currently in the market, providing the opportunity to use thousands of health care facilities internationally.

Both our partner insurance providers Aetna and Allianz have been serving the customers for a long period of time and have had great success in maintaining the health standards of individuals, families and personnel on a global scale. They provide international health insurance plans with many added services with the most comprehensive level of protection. Members are permitted to select any health care facilities and doctors across the globe, which is comprised of first class centres with well-experienced doctors.

Premium Health Coverage

We offer you the best possible health insurance protection irrespective of who you are and where you are in the world. This is supplemented by the best customer care service so you would feel protected at all times. Our focus is to help people live more satisfied, lengthier and most importantly happier lives. The plans we offer, provides you with the opportunity to visit first class medical centres, these plans are tailored for people who treasure professionalism in service, freedom and most importantly quality of service. These plans also provide provisions for regular medical check-ups. The wellness plan offered by our partners permits you to obtain frequent medical as well as dental check-ups.

Medical Protection Quote

Contact Us for a free quote today. We are a renown agency with over 40 years of insurance experience as a business. With a pool of highly dedicated staff, We make claims process simple and customer support proficient, whether you need to make a claim or you need help with your next move. As for individuals who live offshore and travel a lot, this plan will come in handy. Request a quote today!

Presitgious Health Insurers:

Our partner insurers have been in the business for many years with a wealth of experience in health insurance. The medical health insurance aim and objective is to assist people to live a life that is happier and lengthier. They are listed on the international medical coverage, that is, they provide excellent health insurance coverage for everybody wherever you are at in the world.  Not only do they provide premium health service but also provide periodical health checks and dental checks too.

You may ask what makes Aetna and Allianz well sought-after health insurers, the reasons are not far-fetched as seen in the subsequent paragraph.

Affordability: The health insurance plans of both Aetna and Allianz are readily affordable and this makes it accessible not only to the rich and mighty but also to the commoners and middle-class people who desire a clean slate of health.

Transparency: There are no hidden charges or any form of shady deals. You can call up for your medical records and see how your insured money is being used.

Simplicity: Easy accessibility for regular health checkups anywhere in the world makes it simple and user-friendly. There is no need to panic if you are not in your country or in constant travels. Aetna and Allianz get you covered.

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