International Health Insurance

We have an illustrious history dating back over four decades and is a leader in the Malaysia insurance field, offering incredible medical insurance solutions from global insurance brands such as Aetna based in the US and Allianz International from Germany. Our insurance covers are catered for individuals, family, companies, whether for an expat or local coverage. We offer covers which is on par with Bupa International and Cigna possessing three decades of insurance experience spanning into expatriate health insurance and health insurance catering to families and personnel spread across the globe with a client base in excess of a million customers. The insurance partners that we have joint hands with offer comprehensive insurance schemes which offers you the opportunity to gain access to first class health facilities spread across the world.

Allianz as well as Aetna have been in the market for an extensive period of time and has achieved great success in elevating the health of individuals, families on an international level. They offer international schemes which are inclusive of exclusive benefits and comprehensive care. Members have the opportunity to choose the healthcare and doctor of choice. The health care centres which offer services under these schemes are renowned for their service and level of patient care.

Premium Health Coverage

We provide exceptional insurance care regardless of your name, age, sex and your geographical location. This would be augmented by prolific customer care services ensuring your protection round the clock. Our main aim is to assist people to live joyful, contented and lengthier lives filled with happiness. The plans offered by us offers you the opportunity to seek care from first class medical care facilities. The plans are customized to people who have placed value in professionalism of service delivery, freedom and most importantly the quality of care and service offered. The pans allocate provisions for timely medical check-ups. The wellness plan provided by the insurers offers you the ability to seek regular medical as well as dental consultations as per your wish.

Every individual should procure a health/medical insurance policy as it will take care of the medical and surgical fees incurred when in need. The medical expenses are have been rising constantly over the past couple of years.

Medical and health insurance started gaining popularity in Malaysia since the early 1970s. But now it has become an essential part of Malaysians who are content on obtaining swift healthcare at convenience from private medical facilities rather than the government facilities.

However, such private institutions can be very expensive. Hence, it is the wiser decision to invest in health insurance as it ensures coverage for any unexpected medical expenses.

Medical Protection Quote

Get in touch with us to receive your quotation. We are well0recognized agency with over four decades of experience in the field of health insurance. We are made up of a pool of extremely dedicated and versatile personnel. We ensure that your claims are processed swiftly and at your convenience, irrespective of whether you are willing to obtaining new coverage or claim your insurance. For individuals living abroad for long periods of time, this is the most suitable plan. Get in touch with us to obtain your offer.

Prestigious Health Insurers:

Our partner insurers have been prominent figures in the field of health insurance for a long period of time. The medical health insurance ensure that you live a happy and lengthy life. They are recognized on the international medical coverage, which ensure that they offer exceptional insurance assistance to anyone irrespective of their geographical location in the world. Apart from offering premium health services they offer regular medical and dental check-ups.

You might be wondering what makes Allianz and Aetna so special, the reasons are described below.

Affordability: The plans offered by both Aetna and Allianz are set at an affordable price point and is available to people of all walks of life ranging from the wealthiest to middle class individuals who are on the lookout for a clean bill of health.

Transparency:  The charges which are associated with the package are clearly shown without any form of hidden costs. You have the ability to contact us and obtain your medical records to inquire as to how your insurance money is being spent.

Simplicity: Easy accessibility for regular medical check-ups anywhere across the globe permits ease of use and convenience. You are well sorted out even if you don’t travel frequently. Aetna and Allianz offers comprehensive protection.